Black Friday Cigars, Humidors and Cigar Cutters

Blac Friday Cigars, Humidors and Cigar Cutters SaleCuban Crafters Cigars launched their annual Black Friday Sale, which lasts for 2 days only. This year all the Cuban Crafters cigar humidor and cigar cutters are on sale. All the humidors and cigar cutters have an automatic 30% discount which is visible once you place them in the shopping cart. Every single model is available, including their popular high-end humidors with the high gloss piano shine.Black Friday Humidors

Perfect Cuter Poker ModelAlso included in the Black Friday sale are all the patented Perfect cigar cutters. These are the only cigar cutters in the market that take the guesswork out of clipping your cigars. They are calibrated to do it for you. The patented back stop is set to automatically cut the exact amount of tobacco from the cigar’s head so you never have to guess how much to cut off. Every model is in stock and on sale.

In addition to the 30% discount, if you buy 2 or more of the same items, you get an additional 10% discount. All in all, you get a discount of about 40% from their already low price. What’s more, if you purchase $200 or more, you get free shipping. Now that’s a real sale and enough to make you bet them as gifts for your favorite aficionado.

Included in the sale are 4 big boy sized brand name cigars. They range from mild to full-bodied, and all are big in length and girth. A stand-out is the latest addition to the Don Kiki White Label cigars from the Harvest of 2005. It’s a 6 inch long, with a 60 ring gauge Chairman that comes in a cedar cabinet. Mild but with all the flavor of a full-bodied cigar, it’s a standout.

Wonder what’s up for Cyber Monday? We’ll let you know in a couple of days.

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Medina 1959 Miami Edition Cigars for the New Year!

New Years 2013 MEDINA 1959 New Year Edition

Lights! Camera! Action! Take your New Year’s Eve celebration to the max and celebrate with MEDINA 1959 MIAMI EDITION.  Now this is it what you call 100% Times Square       New Year’s Eve at its ultimate best!

MEDINA 1959 MIAMI EDITION CORONA GORDA will redefine Times Square New Year’s Eve revelry.  Step out of the cold into the dazzling mega- watt celebration with a Cuban Crafters Cigar, undoubtedly like no other has ever seen!

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Cuban Crafters Opens Big Cigar Store in Daytona Beach

Cuban Crafters Daytona Beach Cigar StoreRace cars in the Daytona International Speedway, Harleys and souped-up motorcycles during Bike Week, sun and fun throughout the year… all that was missing in Daytona Beach, Florida was a world-class cigar store. Daytona Beach is now complete. Cuban Crafters Cigars just inaugurated its Daytona Beach Cigar Store.

Located at 1508 S. Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach, FL 32118, the large 6,000+ square foot mega store has everything that a cigar smoker could want, including a smoking lounge. It’s across the street from the beach so if you want to take a break from the sun, just walk over and enjoy your cigar in a cool, plush chair.

Inside Cuban Crafters Daytona Cigar StoreThe Cuban Crafters Cigar Store in Daytona has all the top cigar brands, an extensive line of humidors and cigar accessories, and even Cuban style Guayabera shirts and Domino tables. All the employees are cigar lovers themselves so they can guide you to choosing a cigar that meets your taste profile. Come in and enjoy a cigar, a complimentary cup of Cuban coffee and play a game of Domino or Poker. Cuban Crafters Cigars Daytona Beach is the ultimate playground for the cigar smoker.

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Dallas Mavericks Win Cigars for Mayor

Dallas MavericksWhen the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship by beating the Miami Heat, the Mayor of Dallas, Texas got more than a national championship team in his city.  Mayor Dwaine Caraway of Dallas had made a bet with Miami-Dade County’s Commission Chairman Joe Martinez and Commissioner Martinez paid up.Dallas Texas Mayor Dwaine Caraway Won Cigars Included were Miami hand-rolled cigars from Cuban Crafters, Stone Crabs and Cuban pastries.

Miami Heat’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks won the Mayor Miami’s staples. Which cigars did Dallas’ Mayor enjoy? Cuban Crafters Medina 1959 Miami Edition Churchills, of course.  Mayor Dwaine Caraway gloated that passers-by at City Hall will find him and city staff outside the building, feasting on stone crabs and later smoking Medina 1959 Miami Edition hand-rolled cigars. Due to city ordinances, the Mayor and his staff enjoyed the cigars 25 feet away from the entrance of City Hall, under a shade tree.

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Xikar Cigar Cutter and More

Xikar Cigar CutterCuban Crafters Cigars is internationally known as the boutique premium cigars and cigar accessories leader, all of which are made by Cuban Crafters. The web site is proud to announce that it will now sell Xikar cigar cutters. It’s the first time that cigar cutters made by another company are sold on the website.

Most Xikar cigar cutters have the iconic tear shape design and carry a lifetime guarantee. While Cuban Crafters’ lifetime guaranteed cigar cutter line is extremely popular and their patented Perfect cutter is the only one that cuts the exact amount of tobacco from a cigar’s head without any guesswork, customers now have an option when shopping for a cigar cutter at Cuban Crafters. As authorized Xikar distributors, Cuban Crafters is offering a special promotion, in addition to their “lowest price on Xikar cigar cutters” guarantee. Buy any Xikar cutter from Cuban Crafters and in addition to the lowest price, you get a free Medina 1959 Miami Edition cigar. There’s no better deal on the Internet!

Medina 1959 Miami Edition cigars are handmade by highly skilled Cuban cigar rollers in their Miami, Florida factory. The Miami cigar factory is overseen by cigar legend Manuel Medina, the former Master cigar maker at Cuba’s H. Uppman and Davidoff cigar factories. Every roller at the factory was personally trained by Medina, and most in Cuba. That’s how many years they have been rolling fine cigars.

Additional brands and products are expected at Cuban Crafters’ website in the near future. And as always, every product is back by their full satisfaction money-back guarantee.

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OneOff Cigars Offer a Unique Smoking Experience

OneOff Cigar Doble Capa SalomonOneOff cigars have always been hailed for their uniqueness and naturally good taste. The latest release is the OneOff Doble Capa, and it’s destined to be a classic. It’s hand made by Cuban Crafters in Nicaragua with aged Cuban-seed long-filler tobacco. These unique cigars have two different wrappers on the same cigar, each providing a distinct taste and smoking experience. The first part of the cigar has a mild Connecticut shade-grown leaf and the last part has a stronger Cuban-seed sun-grown Habano leaf. Smoking a OneOff Doble Capa is compared to eating a delightful dinner and finishing it off with an amazing dessert.

OneOff Doble Capa cigars start off mild and then build up to medium-bodied. While most super premium cigars have tobacco that goes through two fermentations, OneOff’s tobacco goes through a third fermentation, which gives the cigar extraordinarily smooth character. The taste is complex as only a Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco puro provides. The Ligero is from Esteli, the Viso is from Condega and the Seco is from the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua. This blend, along with the two different wrappers in the same cigar provide extremely smooth tastes of cedar and woods with nutmeg undertones. Breezes of cocoa, vanilla and cream come in the fold as you get to the Habano tobacco wrapper. Its complex finish brings the pure and natural relaxation that only a super-premium cigar of this caliber can provide.

ONEOFF Cigar SizesOneOff is defined as something that only happens once and is not repeated or reproduced. OneOff cigars were first introduced in 2001 to high praise and ratings in Cigar Aficionado and other national and international cigar publications. With Cigar Aficionado ratings of very high 80’s and even a 91, the buzz was on and many Internet review sites gave OneOff cigars 9.5 points out of 10, some of the highest ratings for non-Cuban cigars. They were also very highly priced, upwards of $350 a box, and since they were made in limited production were always sold-out.

While still handmade in limited amounts, Cuban Crafters Cigars decided to make OneOff affordable to all cigar smokers. Everything from the quality, construction and taste was kept the same as the originals. The only change was removing the pig tail cap and lowering the price. The first limited production lot quickly sold out.  Cuban Crafters Cigars is now releasing the Doble Capa, which adds to the complexity of the taste while maintaining the smoothness they are known for. 6 large sizes (Chairman, Churchill, Gran Torpedo, Salomon, Toro & Torpedo) are available in hand crafted cedar boxes of 20 cigars each.

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Another Reason Not to Smoke a Cheap Cigar

Cheap Cigar Starts Fire in a CarHere’s yet another reason NOT to smoke a cheap cigar while you’re driving a car. In Madison, New Jersey an intersection was closed down for more than a half an hour while the Madison Fire Department extinguished a car fire.

The Fire Chief said the interior of the silver Nissan was in flames when the department arrived. He said the operator of car was an elderly man who told them how he believed the fire began.

he was smoking a cigar…and the head of his cigar came off in the car and got the interior of the car going…

Cheap Cigar Fire in Car Was Put Out by FirefightersThe fire was extinguished in a few minutes, no one was injured and the cleanup for the incident was minimal. The Chief said the fire was contained to the driver’s compartment and that the car needed to be towed away. He said he was fairly certain the car would need to be totaled.

This would have never happened with a Boutique Premium Cigar from Cuban Crafters.

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Florida’s Governor Rick Scott and His Victory Cigar

Governor Rick Scott at Cuban CraftersRick Scott officially won the election and is Florida’s next Governor. It was a long campaign that included a stop at Cuban Crafters Cigars factory and store in Miami, Florida. The election was close and yes, it included a celebratory Victory Cigar! While Governor elect Rick Scott waited for the final results, he held a victory cigar in his hand. It wasn’t just a regular cigar, it was a Medina 1959 Miami Edition Churchill that legendary cigar maker Manuel Medina personally hand made for him. The cigar had a cigar band with his campaign’s logo.

Election night started with Rick Scott in the lead. As the precincts started reporting the numbers between him and his Democrat opponent narrowed. Towards the end of the night it was a nail biter. Governor Rick Scott’s campaign workers and volunteers Rick Scott With A Victory Cigarwaited nervously until all the votes were counted. Finally Rick Scott claimed victory. Almost immediately the Medina 1959 Miami made cigars were lit up by the campaign staff. An emotional moment that will be remembered for years to come.

Those who know Rick Scott well will tell you that he is a brilliant and deliberative leader, who is as humble and nice as they come. He’s an occasional cigar smoker who’s new home will be the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee, Florida. It has a great backyard that’s perfect for cigar smoking.

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Cigar Store Indian

Cigar Store IndianThe cigar store Indian has an interesting history. Wooden Indians have been displayed at tobacco shops for centuries and depict the Native Indians who introduced tobacco to the rest of the world.

The tradition started during a time when store signs were pictorial because many customers could not read. By the 1800’s the wooden cigar-store Indian figure was kept on the street to lure customers inside a tobacconist’s store.

Vintage Cigar Store Indian Hand Made of Carved WoodHistorically, the wooden cigar store Indians were carved from a single log. They were painted by hand and usually held a bundle of tobacco leaves or cigars in their hand. It is estimated that more than 100,000 carved cigar store Indians were in use by 1900.

A carved Indian became less common at cigar stores during the 20th century for many different reasons. Sidewalk-obstruction laws, high manufacturing costs, restrictions on tobacco advertising and increased racial sensitivity by shops caused them to be removed. Most of the original vintage figures were destroyed. As a result a well preserved antique Indian figure sells for thousands of dollars.

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What Cigar Size Are You?

I recently read an article in Cigarcyclopedia about how men select the size of their cigars based on their own height and weight. While at first blush it might make sense, in practice it doesn’t. I know many tall men who enjoy Corona  and Robusto cigars, and many short ones that smoke long and fat Churchill and Double Corona cigars.

Here’s their cigar size recommendations based on your height and weight:

Cigar Size Chart

Perfecto Cigar Size from 1905Historically European cigar smokers prefer smaller ring gauge cigars while American cigar smokers tend to go for the larger ring cigar sizes. This may have more to do with tradition than the overall size of the smoker.

Cigar smoking started in Spain after Christopher Columbus brought back tobacco leaves from the Caribbean. It quickly spread throughout Europe. At that time cigar sizes were smaller as they were totally made by hand and it was easier to form the smaller sizes by hand. Common sizes were Corona and the Perfecto, a smaller ring gauge cigar with both sides tapered in. To the left is a 1905 cigar box from our own museum. These Perfectos were hand made in the United States with Cuban tobacco.

This continued throughout the 1940’s, when molds were invented. After the 1940’s cigars were handmade with the use of a mold. This made it easier to make the larger cigar sizes. Little by little American cigar smokers have accepted and demanded larger ring sizes and longer cigars, without regards to the smoker’s height and weight. In fact, sales figures suggest that during cold-weather months shorter cigars sell better, and in hot months the longer cigars sell best. This obviously has to do with the ability to smoke the cigar in the outdoors.

So what cigar size are you? Do you believe that men select cigar sizes based on their own physical features? Let us know what you think.

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