Medina 1959 Miami Edition Cigar Goes Habano

Medina 1959 Miami Edition is considered the finest cigar made in Miami. That’s saying a lot as Miami is now the cigar mecca of the United States. You’d think that even Manuel Medina, a Cuban cigar legend, would be satisfied with the success of his cigar. But when one of Miami’s well known aficionado walked into our […]

Perfect Cigar Cutter Review – Latest Style

The Perfect cigar cutter was developed by Cuban Crafters so that cigar smokers never have to guess how much tobacco to cut off the cigar’s head when preparing it for smoking. It’s a patented Cuban Crafters exclusive and recently a new style was introduced. It’s a lighter version with a black anodized aluminum body. Like the other Perfect cutters, […]

Cigar Shop Best Sellers – Don Kiki Brown Label

Cigar Shop Best Cigar - Don Kiki Brown Label

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