I recently read an article in Cigarcyclopedia about how men select the size of their cigars based on their own height and weight. While at first blush it might make sense, in practice it doesn’t. I know many tall men who enjoy Corona  and Robusto cigars, and many short ones that smoke long and fat Churchill and Double Corona cigars.

Here’s their cigar size recommendations based on your height and weight:

Cigar Size Chart

Perfecto Cigar Size from 1905Historically European cigar smokers prefer smaller ring gauge cigars while American cigar smokers tend to go for the larger ring cigar sizes. This may have more to do with tradition than the overall size of the smoker.

Cigar smoking started in Spain after Christopher Columbus brought back tobacco leaves from the Caribbean. It quickly spread throughout Europe. At that time cigar sizes were smaller as they were totally made by hand and it was easier to form the smaller sizes by hand. Common sizes were Corona and the Perfecto, a smaller ring gauge cigar with both sides tapered in. To the left is a 1905 cigar box from our own museum. These Perfectos were hand made in the United States with Cuban tobacco.

This continued throughout the 1940’s, when molds were invented. After the 1940’s cigars were handmade with the use of a mold. This made it easier to make the larger cigar sizes. Little by little American cigar smokers have accepted and demanded larger ring sizes and longer cigars, without regards to the smoker’s height and weight. In fact, sales figures suggest that during cold-weather months shorter cigars sell better, and in hot months the longer cigars sell best. This obviously has to do with the ability to smoke the cigar in the outdoors.

So what cigar size are you? Do you believe that men select cigar sizes based on their own physical features? Let us know what you think.

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