Cuban Crafters Cigars in Cleveland Hopkins International AirportI’ve smoked cigars in many different cities, but smoking cigars in Cleveland, the official home of Rock and Roll, was special. Working for Cuban Crafters I travel often and take the opportunity of lighting up wherever I go (while you still can). Cuban Crafters will soon be opening a cigar store and small cigar factory in concourse D of the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. It’s the first time that any cigar company opens this kind of facility in an airport. We’re even sending one of our best Cuban born rollers to work in the Cleveland cigar factory. Concourse D is Continental Airlines’ hub so be on the lookout if you’re travels take you there.

During a recent visit to the city I enjoyed a Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection Churchill after a perfect dinner at Michael Symon’s Lolita restaurant in the warehouse district. Michael Symon is a legendary chef from the Food Network’s Iron Chef America. We ordered 5 different plates and shared them all, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the creations. I had the hanger steak and it was exquisite, but whatever you order make sure that you get brussel sprouts as the vegetable with your meal. Yes I said brussel sprouts, no kidding. It was delicious and will make your night.Smoking Cigars and Listening to Rock and Roll

After the meal we had the opportunity to enjoy the city’s nightlife while smoking our cigars. What was obvious is that Clevelander’s love their cigars. Ohio has one of the highest smoking rates in the nation. We noticed that in the downtown area there aren’t too many cigar stores. The ones that are there have been there for many years and have a very nice relaxed atmosphere.

The following day we headed over to Cousin’s Cigars. Cousin's Cigars in Cleveland OhioWhen you walk into the cigar shop you immediately feel at home. There were four gentlemen sitting in cushioned chairs and smoking their cigars, while 2 employees of the cigar store enjoyed theirs behind the counter. Cigar smokers have an all-access pass at Cousin’s cigars. They go behind the counter to select their cigars or go into their five walk-in humidors. The humidors are food coolers that are cedar lined and have built-in cedar shelves. The temperature is kept in the 50s and the humidity in the 70s. Everyone gets a warm welcome. We left the store’s employees some Cuban Crafters’ Perfect cigar cutters and they immediately started using them on the cigars that the customers were buying.

Rock and Roll Hall of FameNow about Cleveland and why it’s the home of Rock and Roll. Cleveland Disc Jockey Alan Freed coined the phrase “Rock and Roll” on his Moondog Rock and Roll Radio Hour in the early 1950s. He is also credited with the first rock concert, the Moondog Coronation Ball on March 21, 1952. As a result, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland. I walked it and was very impressed with the exhibits. Did you know that Jim Morrison of the Doors was told by his father, a rear-Admiral in the U.S. Navy, to quit the “talentless band” he was in? This caused a 2-year rift between them. I learned John Lennon’s middle name was Winston, named after cigar smoking Prime Minister Winston Churchill. If you like Rock and Roll music, the Hall of Fame and Museum will be a fun and enlightening experience. And by the way, you can smoke cigars outside.

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