Cincinnati Reds Team Owner Rob Castellini Smoking a CigarThe Cincinnati Reds won the the National League Central title on Tuesday at the Great American Ball Park and celebrated while the team’s owner, Bob Castellini, passed out cigars. They opened the champagne bottles and lit up the cigars. What’s wrong with that? Well according to state documents, five people who saw the celebration on their television sets from their home called-in complaining to the Department of Health that the team had violated Ohio’s indoor-smoking ban. We’re not kidding!

Lighting up cigars on such a big win is tradition. Other traditions are opening up champagne bottles that have been shaken and spraying them in the face of the team’s owner, coaches and players. Throwing away champagne should be considered more of a crime than smoking and enjoying victory cigars, yet no one complains about that. It’s not easy being a cigar smoker nowadays with all the crazy anti-smoking zealots roaming the streets, and watching television so they can say “gotcha”.

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