Florida Governor Charlie Crist at Cuban Crafters CigarsFlorida’s Governor Charlie Crist stopped by Cuban Crafters Cigars on Thursday, May 20th to drink Cuban coffee and smoke cigars with his friends and supporters. May 20th is celebrated as Cuba’s Independence Day. The Republic of Cuba gained independence from Spain on May 20, 1902 and went on to ratify the Cuban Constitution. The Governor was in Miami for the celebration.

Charlie Crist With Supporters at Cuban Crafters CigarsGovernor Crist is a candidate for the United States Senate and invited his Miami campaign volunteers to join him. Over 250 supporters joined Crist and his wife at Cuban Crafters. The Governor thanked each volunteer personally while they drank Cuban coffee, listened to old Cuban songs and smoked special Medina 1959 cigars that were hand made in the Miami cigar factory. The cigars had the Governor’s name on the cigar band.

Governor Charlie Crist with Cigar Maker J.L. Salazar (left) and Businessman David Miller (right)Crist is originally from Tampa, Florida and is a strong supporter of Florida’s cigar industry. He’s a cigar smoker and his support, as well as that from State Senator Rudy Garcia from Hialeah and State Representative David Rivera from Miami, stopped the state legislature from imposing a $1 a cigar tax last year.Charlie Crist Volunteer Smoking a Cigar at Cuban Crafters Cigars

Crist was too busy shaking hands and taking pictures with his supporters to smoke his cigar. Instead he placed the cigar in his shirt pocket for a more relaxing moment.

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