Florida Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp (center in suit) with Miami Commissioner Richard Dunn (his right) Don Kiki (his extreme right) Representative Dorothy Bendross Mindingall (his left) Store Manager Miguel Freire (her left) and J.L. Salazar (at end)Florida’s Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp recently stopped by Cuban Crafters Cigars to enjoy Cuban coffee, a specially made “pan con chorizo” sandwich and great cigars. Governor Kottkamp was in Miami on official business and while passing through Little Havana found some time to hang-out and relax at Cuban Crafters Cigars’ superstore. Coincidentally, City of Miami Commissioner Richard P. Dunn and State Representative Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall were at the store when the Lieutenant Governor arrived. They took the opportunity to greet him.

Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp is an occasional cigar smoker who prefers medium bodied cigars with lots of taste. Florida Lt. Governor & Crew Eating Pan Con ChorizoHe has traveled throughout the state of Florida and has visited cigar factories and cigar companies in Miami and Tampa. He clearly understands the rights of cigar smokers in Florida and the importance of the state’s cigar industry.  Miami, Florida is the mecca of America’s cigar industry. While he didn’t have enough time to enjoy a cigar during his visit, he bought some Miami hand made Medina 1959 Churchills for the road.

Lt. Governor Kottkamp is an attorney who before becoming an elected official served as a law clerk for U.S. District Court Judge Joe Eaton and U.S District Court Judge Sidney Aronovitz. He first ran for public office in 2000, when he was elected to the Florida House of Representatives. He was subsequently re-elected in 2002 and 2004 and has been Florida’s Lt. Governor since January 2, 2007.

Pan Con Chorizo at Cuban Crafters VIP Wine ClubFor those who are curious, a pan con chorizo sandwich is made with Spanish sausage and manchego cheese (both imported from Spain) in Cuban bread and topped off with the little potato sticks. That and the Cuban sandwich are delicious local favorites.

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