Manly Men Smoke CigarsThe Chicago Tribune newspaper recently ran a photo of what a manly man is. The photo is of Mike Owens in Lake Michigan, smoking a cigar. The article by John Kass has a subtitle that says it all “Tribune photo captures Chicago’s iconic Manly Man wading in Lake Michigan smoking a cigar, not eating a wimpy snack.”

After the photo appeared in the paper he showed it to a woman “That’s manly,” said the woman. “He could lose a few pounds, he’s bald but he doesn’t care, he’s smoking a cigar, he’s saying to the world, ‘I’m (bleeping) golden.'” How true.

The article goes on to say that “Though he appears to be only a few feet from the beach, the water comes up past his ample mid-section…And though he’s in the water, he has no intention of actually swimming. He’s still got his sunglasses on and his hair is dry. How’s a man supposed to enjoy a cigar in the lake if he’s swimming? It’s just not done. So it’s obvious that here’s a guy who doesn’t give two figs what you think. It’s not about looks. It’s about attitude.”

Actor Robert Downey jr Smoking a CigarThe article continues on manly men and cigars. “… in the cigar department, if you leave the band on your cigar to advertise that you’re smoking an expensive maduro, you’re not declaring manly manhood. You’re declaring that you’re a “spacone,” a showoff. Cubans are some of the manliest men in the world and make the finest cigars. And they never leave the band on. Not even Cuban women do that. English gentlemen also snip the band. When they pour you a fine, exquisite and expensive after-dinner drink, they don’t tell you how much it costs or how old it is. Instead they say something like, “Try this rather inferior port”.”

While most cigar related articles in the media have lately been derogatory about smoking, it’s nice to see one that tells the truth about men who smoke cigars.

Real Men Smoke Cigars

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