Cheap Cigar Starts Fire in a CarHere’s yet another reason NOT to smoke a cheap cigar while you’re driving a car. In Madison, New Jersey an intersection was closed down for more than a half an hour while the Madison Fire Department extinguished a car fire.

The Fire Chief said the interior of the silver Nissan was in flames when the department arrived. He said the operator of car was an elderly man who told them how he believed the fire began.

he was smoking a cigar…and the head of his cigar came off in the car and got the interior of the car going…

Cheap Cigar Fire in Car Was Put Out by FirefightersThe fire was extinguished in a few minutes, no one was injured and the cleanup for the incident was minimal. The Chief said the fire was contained to the driver’s compartment and that the car needed to be towed away. He said he was fairly certain the car would need to be totaled.

This would have never happened with a Boutique Premium Cigar from Cuban Crafters.

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