Cuban Crafters Cigars Al Gutman with Berger and Argenti's Joey Oliva. Now that's a nice Ash!Smokin in the Gables was part of the First Annual Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival, held today in Coral Gables, Florida. The event was a big success, notwithstanding the rain and heat, with thousands showing up to enjoy the culture, smoke cigars and indulge in Latin food and drinks. Cuban Crafters Cigars was happy to be a sponsor and an active participant in its success.

Smokin In The Gables Cigar EventMost of the South Florida based cigar companies participated in one way or another. From El Rey del Habano Don Pepin to Don Kiki and J.L. Salazar, they were there passing out cigars and talking with fellow smokers.

The real star of the show was a good friend of Cuban Crafters Cigars, Berta Bravo. She rounded up community support for the event. Around town she’s known as the Guayabera Lady because of her Coral Gables shop where she hand makes some of the most exquisite Guayaberas this side of Havana. Cigar Smoking Berta Bravo, The Guayabera LadyBerta is a hard core cigar smoker. When she’s not in her guayabera store working side by side with her daughter Grace Sotolongo and her son, she’s at cigar stores enjoying Cuban style cigars or working for community organizations that assist those in need.

Berta, we enjoyed sharing the 12 hour event with you and look forward to next years bash!

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