OneOff Cigar Doble Capa SalomonOneOff cigars have always been hailed for their uniqueness and naturally good taste. The latest release is the OneOff Doble Capa, and it’s destined to be a classic. It’s hand made by Cuban Crafters in Nicaragua with aged Cuban-seed long-filler tobacco. These unique cigars have two different wrappers on the same cigar, each providing a distinct taste and smoking experience. The first part of the cigar has a mild Connecticut shade-grown leaf and the last part has a stronger Cuban-seed sun-grown Habano leaf. Smoking a OneOff Doble Capa is compared to eating a delightful dinner and finishing it off with an amazing dessert.

OneOff Doble Capa cigars start off mild and then build up to medium-bodied. While most super premium cigars have tobacco that goes through two fermentations, OneOff’s tobacco goes through a third fermentation, which gives the cigar extraordinarily smooth character. The taste is complex as only a Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco puro provides. The Ligero is from Esteli, the Viso is from Condega and the Seco is from the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua. This blend, along with the two different wrappers in the same cigar provide extremely smooth tastes of cedar and woods with nutmeg undertones. Breezes of cocoa, vanilla and cream come in the fold as you get to the Habano tobacco wrapper. Its complex finish brings the pure and natural relaxation that only a super-premium cigar of this caliber can provide.

ONEOFF Cigar SizesOneOff is defined as something that only happens once and is not repeated or reproduced. OneOff cigars were first introduced in 2001 to high praise and ratings in Cigar Aficionado and other national and international cigar publications. With Cigar Aficionado ratings of very high 80’s and even a 91, the buzz was on and many Internet review sites gave OneOff cigars 9.5 points out of 10, some of the highest ratings for non-Cuban cigars. They were also very highly priced, upwards of $350 a box, and since they were made in limited production were always sold-out.

While still handmade in limited amounts, Cuban Crafters Cigars decided to make OneOff affordable to all cigar smokers. Everything from the quality, construction and taste was kept the same as the originals. The only change was removing the pig tail cap and lowering the price. The first limited production lot quickly sold out.  Cuban Crafters Cigars is now releasing the Doble Capa, which adds to the complexity of the taste while maintaining the smoothness they are known for. 6 large sizes (Chairman, Churchill, Gran Torpedo, Salomon, Toro & Torpedo) are available in hand crafted cedar boxes of 20 cigars each.

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