Xikar Cigar CutterCuban Crafters Cigars is internationally known as the boutique premium cigars and cigar accessories leader, all of which are made by Cuban Crafters. The CubanCrafters.com web site is proud to announce that it will now sell Xikar cigar cutters. It’s the first time that cigar cutters made by another company are sold on the website.

Most Xikar cigar cutters have the iconic tear shape design and carry a lifetime guarantee. While Cuban Crafters’ lifetime guaranteed cigar cutter line is extremely popular and their patented Perfect cutter is the only one that cuts the exact amount of tobacco from a cigar’s head without any guesswork, customers now have an option when shopping for a cigar cutter at Cuban Crafters. As authorized Xikar distributors, Cuban Crafters is offering a special promotion, in addition to their “lowest price on Xikar cigar cutters” guarantee. Buy any Xikar cutter from Cuban Crafters and in addition to the lowest price, you get a free Medina 1959 Miami Edition cigar. There’s no better deal on the Internet!

Medina 1959 Miami Edition cigars are handmade by highly skilled Cuban cigar rollers in their Miami, Florida factory. The Miami cigar factory is overseen by cigar legend Manuel Medina, the former Master cigar maker at Cuba’s H. Uppman and Davidoff cigar factories. Every roller at the factory was personally trained by Medina, and most in Cuba. That’s how many years they have been rolling fine cigars.

Additional brands and products are expected at Cuban Crafters’ website in the near future. And as always, every product is back by their full satisfaction money-back guarantee.

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