Fatso CigarsThe Berger and Argenti Fatso Cigar is once again available, but only while supplies last. We just received all the remaining Fatso cigars that were made. It’s only a few boxes but if you act quickly, you’ll get one of those precious boxes and see for yourself why every real aficionado wanted them when they were available.

Fatso was an extremely limited production cigar with an exceptionally delicious taste. Its shape is an almost-flat one of a kind, and its fascinating taste offers heaps of smooth full-bodied complex flavors. It begins with a slight pepper fieriness that is offset by a sweet earthiness. You can taste the sweet heartiness, woods, some pepper and rich flavors that incorporate espresso, cocoa, calfskin and caramel. Fatso has a long heavenly finish that will make you want another.

Here’s the reason the Fatso has not been accessible for some time. It was skillfully handcrafted in Nicaragua by the quickly growing Berger and Argenti organization. They are known for their Entubar and Clasico super-premium cigars. The Entubar likewise had a box-pressed shape, as the Fatso does, with a rounded bunch of ligero tobacco standing out at the foot. Entubar was pretty much a cigar inside of a cigar. It got top reviews from everybody in the industry, with Cigar Aficionado giving it a 91 rating. Entubar had different lines within the line, including the Quad Maduro, the V32 and the CRV (Connecticut River Valley) cigars, with the Entubar Quad Maduro the strongest and the CRV cigars the mildest.

Another of Berger and Argenti’s victories was the Cuban style Clasico. The Robb Report honored it as the “Best of the Best” for the year. Most reviews gave it strong 90+ evaluations. After two fruitful lines the Fatso was developed and released. Serious enthusiasts through the world needed to try it. Once they did they wanted more and more. It sold out quickly and back orders started piling up at Berger and Argenti.

So what was the deal? Fundamentally, the matured Cuban-seed tobacco needed to keep making these awesome cigars was not promptly accessible so production was halted. The people at Berger and Argenti declined to trade off quality by using tobacco from other areas than those that the cigar demanded. There were cigars aging, heaps of requests for them but no cigars to ship. Rather than cutting operating costs until the tobacco became accessible, business proceeded full steam ahead. Some call it poor management while others believe that it’s the only way to make great cigars. Tragically the organization came up short on cash while waiting for the tobacco. Employees had to be fired and the gifted cigar rollers went to roll somewhere else. It was over for the once prestigious creator of astounding cigars. Berger and Argenti Fatso Cigars

Cuban Crafters Cigars was able to get the aged Fatso cigars that were kept in the aging room after the company closed down, and now you get to smoke these outstanding Puros. There are 4 large ring sizes, and a sampler pack of each of the four sizes. The Berger and Argenti Fatso Butterball is 6 inches in length with a colossal 70 ring; the Fatso Bufflehead is 5 1/2 inches by 68; the Fatso Puddin cigar is 4 1/2 inches X 64; and the Fatso Dipper is 4 X 62. 16 are packaged in a Cedar box that is as unusual as the cigar itself. It’s handcrafted and has gaps that permit air to enter so that the cigars age while they’re in storage. It’s an extended aging process that was perfected by the Berger and Argenti team. There’s nothing conventional about them.

We do need to caution you. They ought to be smoked after a supper or large meal, as they’re powerful and not for the beginner. Likewise, while smoking them you may appreciate the experience so much that you’ll need to purchase each and every box we have in stock. With a specific goal of allowing as many cigar aficionados as possible to try them, we’ve restricted order to two boxes per client. The fortunate thing about that is that at Cuban Crafters Cigars you get an extra 10% markdown for purchasing two of the same item. Every cloud of smoke has a silver lining.

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