Perfect Cigar Cutters for Your Big Cigars

Are you smoking larger ring-gauge cigars? To make sure that you cut them properly, Cuban Crafters has created the Dos Chabetas Perfect Cigar Cutters. They’re engineered to perfectly cut large cigars with up to a huge 80 ring gauge. Of course you can use these cigar cutters on smaller ring gauges, but when those big […]

Xikar Cigar Cutter and More

Cuban Crafters Cigars is internationally known as the boutique premium cigars and cigar accessories leader, all of which are made by Cuban Crafters. The web site is proud to announce that it will now sell Xikar cigar cutters. It’s the first time that cigar cutters made by another company are sold on the website. Most Xikar cigar […]

Cigars and Rock and Roll in Cleveland

I’ve smoked cigars in many different cities, but smoking cigars in Cleveland, the official home of Rock and Roll, was special. Working for Cuban Crafters I travel often and take the opportunity of lighting up wherever I go (while you still can). Cuban Crafters will soon be opening a cigar store and small cigar factory in concourse […]

Perfect Cigar Cutter Review – Latest Style

The Perfect cigar cutter was developed by Cuban Crafters so that cigar smokers never have to guess how much tobacco to cut off the cigar’s head when preparing it for smoking. It’s a patented Cuban Crafters exclusive and recently a new style was introduced. It’s a lighter version with a black anodized aluminum body. Like the other Perfect cutters, […]

Cuban Crafters TV featuring the Cuban Crafters Revolucion Cutter

Welcome to episode #2 of Cuban Crafters TV. Today, we are featuring the Cuban Crafters Revolucion Cigar Cutter and the La Carolina cigar. This innovative and precise cigar scissor cuts your cigar with three self-sharpening blades. We are so confident that you will love this cutter that we offer a lifetime guarantee against dulling and […]

Cuban Crafters TV Episode #1 – Cigar Punch

Welcome to the first episode of Cuban Crafters TV! Cuban Crafters TV is our new video show all about Cuban Crafters products. We will be doing product features, touring our store, interviewing cigar makers, and more! We hope you enjoy our videos featuring our cigars, humidors, cutters and lighters. In this episode, we show you […]

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