Manly Men Smoke Cigars

The Chicago Tribune newspaper recently ran a photo of what a manly man is. The photo is of Mike Owens in Lake Michigan, smoking a cigar. The article by John Kass has a subtitle that says it all “Tribune photo captures Chicago’s iconic Manly Man wading in Lake Michigan smoking a cigar, not eating a wimpy […]

Best of the Best Cigar

For those who enjoy the luxury lifestyle the Robb Report’s June issue is a must-read. It’s the issue that publishes the annual “Best of the Best” awards. The award recognizes products and services of excellence. For 2010 the “Best of the Best” award goes to …(drum roll)… Berger & Argenti for their CLASICO cigar.  Robb Report selected the Berger & Argenti Clasico based on its […]

Cuban Cigars – The Day Before They Were Banned

The ban on Cuban cigars was signed into law by President John F. Kennedy in February 7, 1962. This video provides the details of the day before the Cuban cigar ban was signed into law, as well as the morning of February 7th. It’s of Pierre Salinger, Kennedy’s press secretary. The day before Cuban cigars were banned he was summoned […]

Guest review of the Medina 1959

Originally posted by Bryan Glynn of This 6.5×52 stick offered a mild experience with smooth light smoke, offering a woody and slightly sweet taste, best described as butterscotch at points. A creamy nuttiness ended it, with a short clean finish all the way through. Construction was perfect with no issues and a perfect draw. […]

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